Laeli's rendition of 'Oseh Shalom' will give you chills!”

— The Israel Project

Unbelievably moving new album! ”

— The Jewish Standard

An amazing performance!”

— Israeli American Council

Electronic Press Kit

Are you looking for a new way to engage your community? 

We would love to share a Shabbat, spiritual retreat, workshop, artist residency or any other creative event with you. We want to be a part of your next community gathering! 

We are professional, Jewish artists and musicians that have a passion for creating memorable, creative experiences with people of all ages.

We offer a variety of collaborative workshops in music and fine art. It is our hope to engage and inspire Jews from all walks of life, to explore their personal connection to G-d. We've turned classic Jewish ideas into catchy songs that are meaningful and age appropriate. We can accompany any event with live music, or take the stage for a unique and interactive concert experience. 

We want to offer our services to you!  

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Check out our cover of Oseh Shalom!


"I bought your album and can't stop listening. It drew me closer to G-d and left such a peace and contentment within me...longing for more and inspired to keep growing, seeking, learning. Thank you!"
-Jessica, Columbus, OH

"I'm a teacher at a Jewish Day School in Oakland, CA and during quiet work time I put your CD on. The kids totally love it! They even recognize some of the songs/Psalms! It's great music for creative work. I'm going to keep using it!"
- Dorielle, Oakland, CA

"Your music really is some of the most beautiful and moving music that I've heard in a while!"
-AnkeDanielle, Jerusalem, Israel

"Your music, vocals and lyrics are full of that sweet treasure of life ~ that ultimate mystery ~ of the Beyond. Thank you both for sharing your spirit. Your music is a great blessing in my life and to the world."
Lauren, Seoul, South Korea

"I just ordered your stunningly beautiful CD.  I'm absolutely spellbound by your music!" 
-Axel, Trondheim, Norway

"Your tunes have been enhancing our holiday. At any given time you can hear one of the kids humming something and everybody else starts joining in. It's a really great CD!"
-Ayala, Columbus, OH

"LOVE the album! Absolutely brilliant!" 
-Eldad, Ramat Gan, Israel

"Your song Aliyah went straight to my soul. Music, lyrics, groove, had me at 'hello'"
-Sara, Brooklyn, NY

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Inspirational | World | Pop

Track Listing

1. Sacred Guardian
2. Aliyah
3. Im Hashem Lo Yivneh Bayis (Unless the Lord Builds the House)
4. Crazy
5. Eliyahu
6. Ken Nafshi (So My Soul)
7  Shabbat Shalom
8. Hashem Li (The Lord is With Me)
9. Abba's Nigun
10. Ata Seter Li (You Are My Refuge)
11. Melech HaOlam (King of the Universe)
12. Priestly Blessing

Download CD Booklet

Download the digital version of our CD booklet which includes liner notes, photos, and lyrics in English, Hebrew and Transliteration. 

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